Big Five Walking Safaris at Africa on Foot Camp

Many activities can be enjoyed at Africa on Foot Camp and most of them extend out into the Greater Kruger Park area, where exhilarating encounters with wildlife can be experienced.

Africa on Foot Camp offers guided walking safaris where guests can explore the wilderness of foot in the company of a knowledgeable tracker. Guests are prepared for this expedition during a demonstration on how to behave when encountering animals. Your qualified guides will help you identify the tracks you’ll find intercepting your path as well as explain the other facets of the bush that go unseen during game drives. The walking safaris will deepen your appreciation for the bush as you learn more about what contributes to this active ecosystem.

Guided Game Drives

Game drives take place during the early hours of the morning and during the evening to ensure a balanced view of the varied wildlife. Conducted in open 4x4 vehicles, the drives allow for unfiltered views of the surrounding bush – ideal for photographs and videos. The drives enable you to view the animals up-close, providing an exhilarating experience.

The night drives set out in search of the nocturnal life and often encounter the hunting attempts of predators such as lions and leopards. Watch as the bush comes alive as new types of animal species become visible in the powerful spotlight used by tour tracker. Listen to the haunting laugh of hyenas and adore the sights of bush babies and porcupines. Bird watchers can look forward to sightings of owls and nightjars.

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